Prue’s Royal Garden Plot

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

After living in the same house for 46 years, Prue Leith and her husband moved to a new build house in Jan 2020.

A quick recap….the new garden was a blank canvas and a wide-open brief BUT it had to have colour and lots of it. The colour was going to be added through plants and trees but also through upcycling their garden furniture. And that’s where we came in.

From the colour chart Prue and John selected some of the brightest, and most vibrant shades that would undoubtedly ‘pop’ in the garden. We had a long chat about the painting and the preparation of the garden furniture. We suggested that we look at the wood and decide what products to use and how to paint it.

John arrived with a van full and gave us one week to paint it all!! A week later John returned with the empty van.

We revealed the furniture slightly anxiously, although we shouldn’t have worried, he was delighted. He loved the colours.

The rattan chairs that had been badly sun damaged looked amazing painted with our Royal Metallic Bronze.

The Guardsman Red (featured here with Prue) looked stunning on the bench. We loved it so much that we have added it to our website as an NEW exclusive colour.

The church pews were so vibrant in Lime Green.

The chairs and table painted in Bristol Blue looked bright and cheerful.

Another bench looked lovely in Somerset Blue.

But that wasn’t the end. There was more furniture that needed painting. John said he would do it himself BUT he wanted a particular purple

He gave us a Pantone number for a deep purple that Prue wanted, they called it “Quinky”. The new colour is a dark inky purple. We didn’t have anything like it within our colours, so we have added it as another exclusive colour!

All the colours used on Prue’s garden furniture are available to buy online here.

We used Royal as we wanted to make sure that they got the desired bright colour finish but also because most of the furniture had been previously treated with a black spirit-based product. The Royal gives the best possible long-lasting finish.

The garden journey has been followed by a TV production team who have meticulously filmed the trials and tribulations of the transformation from a muddy field to hilltop oasis.

We have loved being involved in this project and we can’t wait to watch it on Wednesday at 9pm on More4.

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