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Paint this on external timbers to stop them staining from dirt and make them wipe clean. This clear wood stain is a hard wearing water proof coating to be added over the top of Wood Protector or Shed & Fence.

If you want to waterproof a building without adding more colour then use Clear Tough Coat. For example if you like a subtle look of just one coat of Wood Protector Cornflower you can increase waterproofing and protection by adding one or two coats of Clear Tough Coat.

Clear Tough Coat

  • Clear Tough Coat is designed to go over the top of a Wood Protector/Stain colour to protect it from excessive wear and tear.

    Coverage: 1 Litre covers up to 8 square metres.
    Note - Feather Edge Cladding will require more treatment than Shiplap or Cedar Cladding
    Note - Please allow more treatment for drier timber.

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