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Everybody seems to love the fresh look of a new deck but it doesn't last. The elements and dirt soon dulls down the colour of the freshly treated softwood or the freshly sawn hardwood.
Decking Stain Clear can prolong your enjoyment of the colour while protecting the timber from said dirt, rain etc. It can be easily applied by brush, sprayer, gardener, etc.

It is hard wearing but will not last forever, as soon as you see the colour start to turn you know it's time to slap another coat on or choose one of the other tints or shades from the Decking Stain range.

Once applied Protek Decking Stain leaves behind a hard durable surface that can withstand everyday foot traffic. It is a water based acrylic and Alkyd hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil, a natural renewable resource.

Decking Stain - Clear

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