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Golden Oak has been added to the Stable Coat colour range to give a lighter note. Where Golden Brown is a rich strong colour Golden Oak gives a lighter more translucent finish and is suitable for people with an “orange” aversion.


Stable Coat is easy to apply and designed for use on old or new stables. It is low in odour and has a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content. The unique formulation has been designed to give a quick drying thin one coat application leaving a traditional finish, that is peel and crack resistant. One coat will give a high level of protection; further coats will enhance the colour and give more time before re-treatment is required.

Stable Coat Golden Oak

  • Coverage approx. 8 – 12m2 per litre per coat.
    Coverage rates for 1st coat and rough-sawn timber will be at the lower end

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