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Warwick Buildings recommends Shedcare

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

So you've spent a lot of time researching the Garden Buildings and Timber Garage Markets looking for that perfect solution, before finally settling on a 'Warwick' building.

So it's finally arrived and there it stands proudly in the garden ready for you to use as a Garden Office, Spare Bedroom, Garage, Workshop, or Man Cave.

The inside is kitted out quite nicely, and the outside is now looking stunning as the weather has changed the original green colour to the lovely golden oak, however in order to keep the bronzed look some sort of treatment will need to be applied.

Although not essential

The shiplap and feather edge cladding, are both pressure treated, whilst the cedar has it's own natural preservative properties

Meaning that it doesn't matter when you apply the treatment. However, the longer you leave it, the more it weathers.

Wood Stains

If you prefer to change the colour of the building, then a wood stain is the product for you. Either Stable Coat, Eco Shield, or Shed & Fence are the options you are looking at. All of the stains can be applied onto any type of cladding.

Warwick Buildings Recommends

Clear treatments are the customers usual preference, as they like the current colour.

If this is the case, then opt for Clear Tough Coat, as this provides a nice waterproof barrier over the cladding, or Restol Oil, if you have chosen cedar cladding. Choosing a slightly darker colour (Natural Brown) maybe a better solution if you have allowed the cedar to weather slightly more than you wanted to, and you wish to recreate the brand new look again.

Get back to golden oak

We do find that customers have had a building for over five years, and want to replicate the original colour that the building was. In nearly all of the cases the owner wants to recreate the Golden Oak looking finish to the outside. If this is you - then Shed & Fence Gold is the wood stain you are looking to have.

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