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What are the top ten shed paint colours

So before you know it, yet again it's time to re-paint the shed, only this time perhaps you are thinking about being a little more adventurous. Now don't get me wrong... finding last years treatment in the depths of the shed, and the rock solid brush, can save you a lot of time worrying about how the colours will change the look of the building. For those that have found the existing paint tin with the lid off, a solid lump of preservative at the bottom, and would prefer to stick to a more traditional look, then choosing something from the brown shed paint page would have the solution.

Heritage Blue Wood Paint with Whitewash from Shedcare
Best shed paint colours from Shedcare

But I'm assuming that you are looking to move away from the brown shed treatments, if you are reading this article, whereby you might also be asking, what is the best shed paint?

In terms of the best shed paint, that would be the Royal Exterior range, as this provides the deepest and richest finish, along with the most protection. This range also offers a large range of beautiful colours for painting the shed or garden room / summerhouse, and provides the best finish when only applying one or two coats.

The wood protection range however comes a close second, as it also offers a huge range of shed paint colours, however it is more suited to painting larger areas. This gives you much more value if you intend to paint the fence aswell, with the current most popular colour at the moment being grey fence paint,

Grey fence paint

If you are choosing a lighter colour such as Whitewash, or Cornish Cream then you would be more suited to the Royal Exterior range as this provides a much better finish - however, expect to apply two coats for the lighter shades, especially if you are sitting a lighter colour next to a darker colour such as the Anthracite Grey Royal Exterior.

So what are the top 10 shed colours.

It may not surprise you that the number 1 shed colour at the moment is Anthracite Grey Royal Exterior, as this is a very close match to RAL 7016. This is a popular choice for painting the doors & windows, whilst leaving the bulk of the shed as a Cedar colour, providing a two toned appearance that is very much like a modern garden office.

A close second is the Iris Blue Royal Exterior, which is often purchased along with Royal Exterior Snow. Blue shed paint is the most popular colour behind grey shed paint, and is slightly ahead of sage green shed paint. The lovely tones of the blues can be seen below, with the natural shades of the green wood paints also enhancing the picturesque gardens.

Finally - just scraping into the top 10 is Pillarbox Red from the Wood Protection range., which just pips Lilac, which is the most popular colour in the purple range of shed colours.

The top 10 colours for shed paint are as follows. Anthracite Grey, Iris Blue, Slate Grey, Soft Sage, Willow, Snow White, Silver Grey, Forest Green, Lilac and Pillarbox Red. For all full range of shed paint colours, click here, whereby you will find the inspiration that could light up your garden room, summerhouse or studio, and blossom within it's surroundings.

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