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This very dark brown wood stain colours and protects both hardwood and softwood decking. Nut Brown is very rich like a dark chocolate and looks gorgeous over large areas of flooring.

Decking Stain is long lasting even in the horizontal plane; this wood stain leaves behind a hard wearing coating that is flexible enough not to crack or split when the timber moves or flexes.

Decking stain is very easy to apply and clean up. It is a water based wood stain which is pet and plant friendly.

Decking Stain has been specially formulated to give all types of external timber decking an enriching colour that is hard wearing and lasts.

Once applied Decking Stain leaves behind a hard durable surface that can withstand everyday foot traffic. It is a water based acrylic and Alkyd hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil, a natural renewable resource.

Decking Stain - Nut Brown

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