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Warwick Buildings

If you have been recommended by Warwick Buildings, it is likely that you are wondering which product is the most suitable, and how much you will need.
The most popular product by far is the Clear Tough Coat, as it is the mid range clear treatment, which doesn't change the colour of the building. Single garages and small garden rooms in shipl
ap or feather edge cladding, can usually suffice with 5 litres. Garden offices over 20 square metres and double garages will usually need 10 litres.

If you prefer a top of the range product to compliment your building, then the Royal Exterior clear is the one for you. This has overtaken the Clear Tough Coat this year - and it provides the same coverage.

Customers with cedar cladding usually select the Restol range, as the additional UV protection keeps the natural look of the random colours from fading, longer than the Clear Tough coat or Royal exterior for longer. Eventually the colours will fade, hence the Natural Brown Restol is the next popular to bring back the beauty of the hardwood timber.

Customers that want to change the colour or bring back the original golden oak look that the buildngs quickly turn to, often choose the autumn gold shed and fence to add colour, before applying the clear tough coat back over the top. 

If it's a paint that you want, then the popular choices are the Anthracite Grey Royal Exterior | Black Royal Exterior and Royal Exterior Slate Gre

Finally - if you want to simply splash and dash, getting the job done efficiently, then the Wood Protector range offers a selection of attractive colours that will make your garden room, garage, fence or shed look fabulous for an affordable price and the flick of a brush.
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