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Eco friendly exterior wood paints and stains providing long lasting water based treatments that are safe for the environment

Exterior Wood Treatments

To protect your timber from rotting and decaying, then some sort of wood protection will need to be painted onto the surface to keep out the UV rays and the harsh weather. This will need to be done either on a yearly basis, bi-annually or every 4-5 years depending on the quality of treatment that you use. Wood stains are usually of a thin consistency and are easy to apply, often giving a water proof coating to the surface of the timber, along with a colour that rejuvenates the appearance.  

Exterior wood paint however is created using much more pigment and components, so that the treatment is much thicker in consistency. Once the exterior wood paint dries it leaves a tough outer skin that protect the timber against the weather, whilst giving the appearance of the timber looking brand new again. Exterior wood paint is likely to give you a longer lasting protection against the weather than the exterior wood stains.

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Protek products are used on many TV garden and home makeover shows. You might have spotted them on Love Your Garden ITV with Alan Titchmarsh, DIY SOS, BBC Garden Rescue with Charlie Dimmock and Prue’s Great Garden Plot. 

That is why over 200 companies, ranging from shed and fence manufacturers, independent garden centres, fencing installers and farm shops, have been selling Protek as their preferred treatment range since 1990.

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The main difference between paint and stain is that paint sits on top of the surface rather than seeping into the surface. Typically a wood stain will leave a transluscent finish so that the grain is still visible after brushing on, whereas a paint is an opaque finish that covers up the wood grain. In most cases paint also needs to be painted onto surfaces that have been primed first, however our clever formula allows the wood paint to be applied directly to timber without the need for a primer, saving you time and money.

Because all of our wood treatments are eco friendly, all you have to do is choose the wood paint or stain that suits your application, safe in the knowledge that the planet is not being harmed.  

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