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Full Range

5L Shed & Fence.jpg

An entry level product that provides a change to the colour of the timber, whilst adding a low level of protection with the use of wax. Two coats are recommended.

Comparison:5 Litres = £25

5L Stable Coat Jerrycan.jpg

The go to product for treating animal buildings. This product changes the colour of the timber, whilst adding a good level of protection. Two coats are recommended, or a single coat every couple of years.

Comparison: 5 Litres = £35


A grade up from the Shed & Fence range, as it has better waterproofing properties 

and is longer lasting. Changes the colour of the timber but still shows the grain of the wood after more than one coat.

Comparison: 5 Litres = £45

2.5L Wood Stain & Protect.jpg

A mid range product that provides a good level of protection at an economical price. Basically a thin paint as opposed to a stain, as it has more organic pigment than the Eco Shield. 2/3 coats gives a finish close to Royal Exterior.

Comparison: 5 Litres = £40


A high grade product that enhances the look of the timber, whilst providing excellent protection. If you require a rich painted finish, this is the product that you need if you want long term value for money.

Comparison: 5 Litres = £70


The Restol Oil is popular with Cedar cladding, as the UV protection extends the time taken for the sun to weather the look of the timber. If you need to re-juvinate the faded Cedar, choose the Natural Brown option. Two coats are recommended.

Comparison: 5 Litres = £130


Building Control approved timber treatment, providing class 0 fire resistance for 60 minutes. Undercoat and Top Coat required to meet standards. 

Comparison: 5 Litres = £250

Exterior wood paint
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